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Install and use Telegram on BBQlinux

Telegram is the open source messaging app WhatsApp rival, despite being less popular and common approach has its strengths.
First, Telegram is open source and is focused on safety, it uses theoretically secure protocols in a way that your privacy is respected. Another point in favor is the fact that there are also clients of the app for the desktop, which means you can write posts as if you were with your smartphone from your computer.
As a client there are many, for both Windows and Mac and Linux, as well as various add-on for Firefox and Chromium, to which we will discuss today is Arch Telegram, a graphical client (there is also one CLI), which conducts more than properly his duty with a clean interface and very similar to the mobile client, we see how to install it on Arch and derivatives.

- In case you have installed yaourt, just type in a terminal:

yaourt -Sy arch-telegram

Alternatively you can download the PKGBUILD from AUR and then create the package manually as usual for the PKGBUILD:

mkdir telegram 

cd telegram 

nano PKGBUILD # here copy the package build from AUR 

makepkg -si

Once the package is installed, we can start from the application launcher.
At the first session, you will be asked to enter the mobile phone number that we associated with Telegram, then you will receive a message with a code that will be used for confirmation in the application and we're done. From this moment on you will be able to texting quietly with all our contacts as if we were with the phone!
To disable the binding of the client desktop to our number, you must enter the mobile client and under the heading settings, click on "Close all other sessions".

For more information about other clients, go to the website of Telegram


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