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About the software center

I'm the newcomer to BBQ as well as the newcomer to Linux . the reason I choosed BBQ Linux is not that I'm an android developer,simply because the bbqlinux is the only distribution that would be able to run successfully on my tablet without Networking or audio issues
The build-in icon theme for bbqlinux looks not modern enough,so I decided to install other icon themes like papirus, well, I searched that name in the package list and was lucky enough to find it,then I tried to install it, however,when I clicked the "install" button and clicked"apply changes" nothing happened,  no signal of downloading or installing,I know this might looks ridiculous, but for a newbie,this could be an obstacle. So how should I do with it? How to install packages from the software center, or from elsewhere?


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Re: About the software center

sudo pacman -S papirus-icon-theme


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