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SOLVED "key could not be looked up remotely" error during pacman -Syu

as i posted on the Google+ community, i wanted to post it here as well
link to post on G+

just tried a pacman -Syu and got the "key blah blah blah could not be looked up remotely" error message

i did sudo pacman-key --populate and it looked like it ran right, but still get the error, even after a reboot

any other thing needed to do?

i got help from ZubenElgenubii on G+ and his fix worked

-First, make sure your time/date are correct (also the timezone).
-Run this command (it will update/reinstall the package archlinux-keyring)
sudo pacman -S archlinux-keyring
-Try a full update again
sudo pacman -Syu

i did not have archlinux-keyring installed

many many thanks to ZubenElgenubii



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