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often more practical to prevent an infection than treat it. One of the best ways to avoid getting a cellulitis foot is to maintain proper foot hygiene. Any wound, cut or scratches on the foot should be sanitized immediately. If there are already breaks in the skin of the foot, avoid walking out in the soil or in damp areas without protective footwear that covers the skin breaks. If a wound does not respond to over-the-counter treatments and symptoms such as swelling occurs, check with a physician immediately. Treatment for cBeauty Wrinkle Reducer ellulitis foot infection is done to stop or eradicate the invasive agents and to avoid recurrence of the infection. Treatment usually starts with oral or intravenous antibiotics, depending on the severity. Mild cellulitis cases may be treated at home with prescribed oral antibiotics. Severe cases need intravenous administered antibiotics. The oral antibiotics are usually penicillin and penicillin derivatives. In this article, my mission is to present some basic steps used in the practice of treating cellulitis skin infection. This is a very common infection of the skin and soft tissue, it can cause the following symptoms: redness, inflammation, heat the infected parts of the body and usually hurts to touch the affected part of the skin and deeper tissues. The purpose of treating this medical condition is to reduce the strength of inflammation and severity of the disease, reduction and complete removal of the pain caused by infection and the removal of other unpleasant symptoms, accelerate the recovery
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