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Enhance your buttocks with Apex Booty Pop

The doctors at Vanity strive to give women the perfect butt they've always dreamed of. Schedule an appointment today for more information on the Brazilian Butt lift surgery. A butt lift surgeon can enhance and improve the appearance of your buttocks. This surgery, known medically as gluteoplasty, both lifts and tightens the skin of the buttocks.Booty Pop When the surgery takes place, the excess skin is taken away from the body. The tissue that is left behind is then carefully repositioned to give way to a younger and more appealing body contour. This procedure is not the same as a Brazilian butt lift which is undertaken to increase volume in the rear end by using injections of the individual's own fat. The one negative aspect of having this cosmetic procedure performed is that the buttocks might end up being too flat. If this is a concern of yours, the lift may be done at the same time as fat grafting, or some other kind of augmentation strategy. Discuss with the butt lift surgeon the likelihood that you could be one of those patients who experiences this issue. This cosmetic procedure is primarily undertaken on people who have large quantities of loose, sagging skin on their buttocks region, as well as on the back of their upper thighs. In some instances, this operation may improve the appearance of cellulite.Apex Booty Pop The aim of the butt lift surgeon is to get the body looking as normal as possible following a loss of skin elasticity, associated with changes that occur as a result of the aging process or due to extreme loss of weight. This operation is more about getting rid of skin than fat.



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