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Can't build anymore after upgrading


Not sure that this is the correct place to post this.
And given the activity on this forum, not sure that the project BBQLinux is still alive :-(

But here is the thing...
I recently took this Linux Distribution and installed it.
I wanted to try an Arch based distro... as it's supposed to be pretty fast and robust.
And as I use this mainly to build Android ROM's... this seemed a good choice.
Besides, I love the "look" of BBQLinux... with the MATE desktop :-)

Once installed in a Virtual Machine using VMWare Fusion 8.5 on Mac,  I have indeed been able to build "out of the box".
Source was "Dirty Unicorns" and that was an official device tree.
Build time was 52 minutes.
Just to mention it : Virtual Box also supports BBQLinux, but is really slow (86 minutes for a build).
The last Virtualization program, called "Parallels Desktop" doesn't support Arch. As soon as "Parallels Tools" are installed, BBQLinux won't boot anymore :-(

All would be perfect... but it seems there are some problems.
If I update BBQLinux using the "Packages Updater" in "System Tools", if finds 510 updates.
So I updated it all (after all, that's all a Rolling Release is about isn't it ? ).
But after I did that, I have a bunch of build errors and can't complete a single build :-(

Anyone else experiencing this ?
Or is it maybe "Virtual Machine" related (I think not, but who knows ?).

If this channel and project is still alive, any answer or hint would be appreciated.



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Re: Can't build anymore after upgrading

Post the errors please.
Hard to help without infos.

Check python switcher if its set to python2, ckeck java switcher...


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