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Enhance Your Buttocks

Usually at least 1 liter (1000 ccs) must be suctioned out at a minimum. Some small thin women do not have enough fat on their body in order to perform the Brazilian butt lift procedure. Without enough donor fat (and no you can't use someone else's) the only option would be buttock augmentation with silicone implants.Booty Pop The purified fat in syringes is then injected into the buttocks through many injection sites. The goal is to place small amounts of fat in the gluteus muscle as well as the existing fat layer between the skin and the muscle. By so many small fat injections, this enables the fat cells to quickly get an adequate blood supply so that they can survive. This method results in the highest percentage of fat survival and the best long-term maintenance of the buttock enlargement. How much fat will stay? This is impossible to predict for any one patient.Apex Booty pop But what you see four to six weeks after surgery will likely be permanent. The Brazilian butt lift is a well tolerated procedure that is both safe and effective. It is no more risky than liposuction with no greater rate or type of complications. The biggest concern is whether enough fat can be injected and survive to make the patient happy. Buttocks come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Some are flat, others rounded. Some butts start out full round and positioned tight and high in the appropriate location, and begin to flatten and sag over time. Summer and swim suit weather is approaching.



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