#1 Re: BUG reports » bbqlinux-python-switcher » 2015-12-20 10:26:14

Glad to be of help & i Thank you back for fixing it... big_smile

#2 BUG reports » bbqlinux-python-switcher » 2015-12-18 06:57:36

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Fyi @Master Shifu codeworkx, i'm the one that flag it out-of-date since i donno much linux app development/ github pull request, did some digging since you didn't fix it, found out it was a missing percentage sign when comparing this line with this... smile

Thanks cool

#3 Re: Installation » Black screen during installation » 2014-10-18 05:35:04

Your question seems green so presume you're a green newbie . . . lol You should have titled it Black screen during installation (Tried everything) & spell out whatever techniques you've tried . . . cool

Fyi, i've tried the Arch way two years ago, couldn't get it to boot, end up using Ubuntu, painfully learn to setup the BE, end up followed the wrong guide on XDA, only last year found out how to build android & only found out about BBQLinux this March 2014 . . . tongue With BBQLinux, you don't need to setup the BE, just sync the source & start building . . . wink

Trust me, the Arch way is even painful than setting up the BE & Native-Boot, you'll have better luck with BBQLinux on VirtualBox than any other Arch Distro . . . cool

#4 System Administration » Miscellaneous Tweaks & Tips » 2014-10-16 11:46:51

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Finally i brick my BBQLinux BuildBox . . . tongue So i guess its worth sharing the tips here . . . cool

it always stop at /bin/bash: prebuilts/misc/linux-x86/bison/bison: No such file or directory & i don't even know how i broke it, after spending many hours trying to rescue it but fail, ending up re-installing BBQLinux & in less than 20 minutes later, my BuildBox is back building android; Conclusion : Just re-install it . . . lol

Do not format, just assign back the mountpoint & re-install, thats it, all your files will be retained, no worries

Setup your BBQLinux BuildBox in UEFI Native-Boot, you'll be amaze by the lightning boot up & operating speed, its so fast BUT i'm not even using SSD ! Note : Not all mobo support UEFI. My mobo -> systemd-analyze

Native-Boot - Disable grub timeout
i'm a long time Windows users so i like to use Mate-Terminal instead of vi or nano -> sudo geany /boot/grub/grub.cfg -> Ctrl + F -> timeout= -> change the first one to timeout=0 -> save it -> reboot

VirtualBox - (Note : Only works on Native-Boot)
Still need to develop Windows apps & now its the other way round, that is Windows is on VirtualBox . . . big_smile

sudo pacman -S virtualbox-host-dkms

then follow on-screen instructions for building dkms modules

sudo pacman -S virtualbox

& add user. Eg: sudo gpasswd -a yuweng vboxusers then you can access your android device USB on VirtualBox.

If you're using an old kernel then you may need below command, reboot first then only install VirtualBox . . .

sudo pacman -S linux linux-headers

Virtualbox can be access at Applications -> System Tools

Already bored with BBQLinux theme then hunt for new one here . . .

My OS X theme on BBQLinux, more info here . . .

Want the apple OS X dock to work on BBQLinux then . . .

sudo pacman -S docky

Docky can be access at Applications -> Accessories

So if you have any other Miscellaneous Tweaks & Tips, please do share it on this thread, Cheers . . . wink

Got my Canon LBP2900 working following this guide with one most important criteria, plugin your printer, reboot BBQLinux after completion or it will not print ! Fyi, spent nearly 3 days then only figured it out . . . tongue

Solution to 7zFM not working -> Source

sudo pacman -S wxgtk2.8

Got Winamp with Enhancer working on BBQLinux, it sound so good on my Acoustimass® 5 . . . cool

sudo pacman -S wine
env WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-winamp wine ~/Downloads/winamp565_lite_all.exe
env WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-winamp wine ~/Downloads/dsp_enh.exe

#5 Re: Installation » Black screen during installation » 2014-10-14 17:49:17

You are indeed one green newbie . . . big_smile Just hit the keyboard & it will come out from screensaver mode or you could also try keep on moving the mouse when it is about to reach 78% then it won't go into screensaver mode . . . tongue

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